FP1517 : Changes in Visual Field Parameters in Initial Fields on Humphrey Visual Field Analyser

Dr. George Ronnie J, G07937, Dr. Tamonash Basu 

Purpose-purpose of the study is to measure changes in visual field parameters between first two fields in perimetrically naïve individuals.

Method-in this retrospective case series we included 190 eyes of 95 patients who underwent two visual field tests within a year.The reliability parameters and Visual field Index (VFI) were compared between visits. The reliability parameters are also compared to age and VFI.

Results-increase in false positive response in second visit was noted. Significant decrease in both eyes false negative responses (with Standard Deviation of 4.975 and 4.728 and P-value- 0.004 and 0.037 respectively) noted. Increase in both eyes second visit VFI noted but change in right eye was significant (with SD 19.718 and P-value- 0.027). There was no significant relationship between reliability parameters with age and VFI.

Conclusion- significant decrease in false negative and increase in VFI indicate improvement in initial field tests showing learning curve of performance

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