FP1532 : Relevance of Phaco- Endocycloplasty in Angle Closure Disease: 1- Year Result of A Pilot Study

Dr. Vanita Pathak Ray, V15422, Dr. Nikhil Choudhari

Purpose: To investigate the efficacy and safety of phaco-endocycloplasty (ECPL) in angle closure glaucoma (ACG).

Methods: Inclusion of all adult patients (>18years) with ACG, who had controlled or uncontrolled intra-ocular pressures (IOP) and had visually significant cataract. ECPL was done for 180-210┬░ simultaneously with phaco. Main outcome measure was IOP; secondary outcome measures were Anti-Glaucoma Medication (AGM) and Best Corrected logMAR Visual Acuity (BCVA) and complications.

Results: 9 eyes of 8 patients were included. Median pre-procedure IOP (19 mmHg, IQR 12) and AGM (3, IQR 1) decreased significantly at last follow-up (IOP-14 mmHg, IQR 2, p < 0.01); (median AGM 0, p < 0.001). Median LogMAR BCVA improved at last follow-up (p<0.001). No patient had serious sight threatening complications.

Conclusions: Phaco-ECPL effectively controls IOP, significantly reducing need for AGM, with successful visual rehabilitation, without compromising safety in ACG

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