FP1637 : Intraocular Pressure Measurement – Can We Do Away with Goldmann Applanation Tonometer Yet ?

Dr. Shruti Sinha, S19010, Dr. Brig (Mrs) Sagarika Patyal, Dr. Vijay Kumar Sharma

Introduction: Goldmann applanation tonometer (GAT), considered the ‘Gold Standard’ of measuring the intra-ocular pressure (IOP), is far from ideal. I-Care tonometer(ICT) and Non contact tonometer(NCT) are simpler techniques of assessing IOP.

Aim: To compare and correlate IOP measurements across the three tonometers and to assess the effect of Central corneal thickness on IOP measurements.

Materials and Methods: 127 patients (253 eyes) were enrolled. IOP was measured in each using all the three tonometers. Ultrasound pachymetry was done later.

Results:The mean IOP reading was lowest in GAT [16.03 (SD 7.96) , 15.29 (SD 5.70) ] and highest in NCT [17.11(SD 6.72) ,16.44 (SD 5.44)]. All three tonometers provided fairly consistent and accurate results, as per ROC curves.There was weak correlation with corneal thickness in all the 3 tonometers.

Conclusions: The search for the ideal tonometer which is accurate yet easy to use by the physician and the patient is far from over

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