FP1645 : Intraocular Micro Endoscopy Glaucoma (ECP) Procedure

Dr. Hanspal Bhinder, B11502, Dr. Amrit Kaur

Laser micro-endoscopes permits us to visualize and photocoagulate the ciliary processes directly in almost every eye, even those with corneal opacification, miotic pupils, or a history of glaucoma surgery,Failed PK glaucoma graft ,failed trabeculectomy or tube shunts . It offers excellent flexibility.It can be combined with cataract surgery , Corneal grafting,retinal surgery in a patient who has mild-to-high glaucoma.Because it is applied under direct visualization , other intraocular structures are typically not included in the treatment zone.ECP should not be considered similar to the transscleral forms of cycloablation, which are “blind” procedures that can cause significant collateral tissue damage and result in the over- or undertreatment of the tips of the ciliary processes

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