FP1664 : Is a Specialty Pediatric Glaucoma Service Worthwhile in A Tertiary Glaucoma Care Setting

Dr. Savleen, K13191, Dr. Sushmita Kaushik, Dr. Indu Bala Dhiman, Dr. Pankaj Kataria, Dr. Pandav Surinder Singh

Glaucoma in children presents difficult challenges, and it is unfortunate that blindness can occur despite treatment. A pediatric glaucoma service may be useful in tertiary care settings, and enhance vision preservation. We prospectively analyzed the epidemiology and patterns of pediatric glaucoma between January and December 2013 after starting a specialty pediatric glaucoma service, and compared it to children with glaucoma who had presented in the preceding 9 year period. In the prospective cohort, of 2921 newly registered glaucoma patients, 170 were children <12 years (5.8%), of whom acquired glaucoma comprised the largest group. In the preceding period, of 14293 new glaucoma patients, 371 were <12 years old (2.6%). The prospective cohort had more pediatric glaucoma registrations, earlier referrals and required less number of surgeries compared to that previously seen. A specialty pediatric glaucoma service appears to enhance detection and prompt management of childhood glaucoma.

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