FP1672 : Intraocular Pressure Outcomes After Endophthalmitis Associated with Glaucoma Surgery

Dr. Ravi Chandra K, Dr.Rama Krishnan R, Dr. Mohideen Abdul Kadar PMT, Dr. Sowmya Peri

We report a retrospective case series of 4 patients with previous glaucoma surgery that presented with endophthalmitis to a tertiary eye care center between 2005 and 2015.The purpose was to determine long-term intraocular pressure(IOP) outcomes and risk factors for failure of IOP control in such patients. IOP control failure was stratified into 2 groups: IOP of ≥22mm Hg and IOP ≥16mm Hg at 3 consecutive follow-up visits.Four patients that had previously undergone glaucoma surgery and were complicated with endophthalmitis were identified.Mean follow-up time was 9.5 months (range,3 to 17 months).Of 4 patients, 3 (75%) failed, 1(25%) consistently maintained IOP <22mm Hg,during the follow-up period. Age of the subject 65 years and older was associated with increased risk of IOP failure,whereas initial treatment selection with vitrectomy did not.IOP control after resolution of endophthalmitis in patients with previous glaucoma surgery was maintained in only 25% of cases.


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