FP1815 : Are We Going Blind Without Knowing It?

Dr. Natarajan S, N02460, Dr. Radhika Krishanan

Aim: To highlight the importance of screening for DM in an urban slum population to detect undiagnosed cases of diabetes mellitus and thereby prevent blinding complications.

Methodology:This is a population based study in which 5831 subjects above 40 years of age were screened for diabetes using finger prick method with a glucometer. Diagnosis was confirmed by rechecking on two different occasions and referral was made to a diabetologist. Complete eye examination was done, including dilated evaluation for the diabetic patients in a mobile diagnostic unit

Results: Of the 610 diabetics 86 were newly detected with 6 of them with DR and 4 of these 6 patients had diabetic maculopathy.

Conclusion:Screening for DM in the general population can detect cases of diabetes in previously undiagnosed patients who risk progressing to complications of diabetes without being aware of it.Timely screening can prevent progression of diabetes to severe complications and improve quality of life.

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