FP188 : Corneal endothelial changes in alcoholics: Relevance to cataract surgeons

(lt Col) Alok Sati , S09925

Purpose: To evaluate corneal endothelial changes in patients with alcohol dependence syndrome (ALD).

Methods: 162 corneas of 162 patients with ALD were examined by specular microscope and compared with age matched control. Influence of abstinence of alcohol; amount and years of drinking; levels of gama glutamyl transferase (GGT) and mean corpuscular volume (MCV); on corneal endothelium, were also evaluated. Results: On comparing the two groups, a significant difference was found in coefficient of variation (CV) and percentage of hexagonality (% Hex) between cases (CV:38.9±4.2, % Hex:47.5±8.1) and control (CV:35.9±3.7,% Hex:51.5±5.2) [p=0.04 (CV); p=0.03 (% Hex )]. Using linear generalized model, a significant but poor positive correlation was found between CV (p=0.002) and % Hex (p=0.001) with only blood GGT level.

Conclusion: Corneal endothelial alteration is present in ALD patients, more marked with increasing GGT level. Hence, cataract surgeons need to careful in such patients.

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