FP197 : Epidemiology, Management and Visual Outcome of Sympathetic Ophthalmia in South Indian Population

Dr. Praveen J, J17709, Dr. Rathinam Sivakumar R

Purpose: To study the demographics, management and visual outcome of sympathetic ophthalmia (SO).

Methods: Retrospective review of patients with SO from January 2014 to September 2015.

Result : 17 patients with mean (SD) age 47(15.3) years; male : female ratio 1:0.7, presented with defective vision (82.3%),eye pain (58.8%), redness (41.2%), floaters (29.4%),photophobia(11.8%); granulomatous uveitis (88.2%).Inciting event was trauma (76.4%), post surgery (23.5%). 70.5% had exudative retinal detachment. 76.5% needed methotrexate after a median duration of 2 months. 23.5% underwent enucleation. 41% had posterior subtenon triamcinolone injection. The median visual acuity (VA) was 6/36 at presentation, 6/18 at 6 months. 71% had visual acuity better than 6/60 at one year.

Conclusion: Post surgical SO had mild inflammation and better visual outcome than SO following trauma. With methotrexate VA improved significantly at 6 months (p 0.03), however it is not significant (p 0.13) at one year.

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