FP242 : Cataract Surgery in Eyes of Patients with Uveitis: Our Experience

Dr. Pooja Kalbande, K17549, Dr. Mehul Ashvin Kumar Shah, Dr. Kashyap Patel, Dr. Dilipkumar Batra

Aim: To assess the outcome of cataract surgery in eyes of patients with uveitis.

Methods: In a retrospective case series at our centre, all patients with uveitis were assessed for demography, age group & comorbidities. Cataract with IOL implantation was done and complications managed as per need & a standard post-surgical management protocol followed. All the data e.g. complications, visual outcome was obtained from hospital database & analysis was done using SPSS 22.
Results: In our cohort of 239 eyes 196 (82.4%) had BCVA<3/60 improving post-surgery to >6/36(53.4%) &47 %achieved >6/18 which was statistically very significant (P <0.000) Corneal oedema (4.2%), IOL malposition (2.1) was the most common complications noted. Post-operative visual recovery was not significant (P<0.111) with the age of the patient. Conclusion: Cataract surgery in eyes with uveitis leads to an improvement of vision in the majority of cases.

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