FP293 : Medical Therapy Vs Surgical Management of Poag in Low Socio-Economic Group in A Tertiary Hospital

Dr. Sarita Panda, P08279, Dr. Subudhi B N R, Dr. Prangya Panda

Glaucoma is a leading cause of treatable blindness in 15 million Indians .Aim-study treatment(T/t) modality in POAG pts & analyse the cost & safety of medical & surgical (T/t) in low socio-economic pts.Material& Methods-Interventional study of 128 pts from Feb 2014-March2015.Pts (21-79 yrs) underwent medical T/t (92)& trabeculectomy(36),excluding non-compliant pts& concomitant ocular diseases.In medical T/t we used timolol as monotherapy &combination of timolol & brimonidine as few were v.low socioeconomic group(51.56%).Results-majority of pts male 50- 70 yrs,70%illiterate.71.87% received medical T/t & 28.13% underwent trabeculectomy. Both decreased IOP, but failure rate of medical T/t 42.08% vs surgical T/t 16.07%. Mean annual cost of medical T/t INR 3234±147.25 vs surgical T/t(INR 2880±247.45) but medical T/t is recurrent & expensive.Conclusion-POAG pts should opt surgical T/t in low socioeconomic group as glaucoma is lifelong & needs consideration of cost-effectiveness.

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