FP301 : Optical Coherence Tomography Analysis of the Macula After Scleral Buckling For Retinal Detachment.

Dr. Gitumoni Sharma , S12413

Methods :  42 eyes who had scleral buckling for maculaoff rhegmatogenous retinal detachment, spectral OCT scan of the macula on 1st week,6th weeks,3rd month,6th month and at 1 year.Visual acuity change was correlated with the macular OCT scan.

Results Out of 42eyes, OCT showed subretinal fluid subfoveal postoperatively in 13 eyes(28.88%) at 1 week and 6th weeks.Paired t-test in these 13 eyes showed a significant visual improvement p=0.005.There were 23 eyes (51.11%) who did not show subretinal fluid postoperatively.Paired t-test showed a significant improvement in visual acuity p=0.003.2 sample unequal t-test by using difference of proportion between the group with SRF and without SRF is p=0.119, which is not significant, implying that the difference in visual improvement is not significant in these two groups.

Conclusion :  Clinically successful SB for RD, the patients shows changes on OCT like near normal foveal contour,SRF and ERM which are accountable for their postop vision.

[swf:http://proceedings.aios.org/2017/pp/fp301.swf 1000px 640px]

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