FP308 : The Vision in Patients of Pars Planitis : Our Experience

Dr. Vipin Kumar Singh, S17025, Dr. Mehul Ashvin Kumar Shah, Dr. Jayesh D. Modhwadia, Dr. Mrs Santosh Mehta. Dr. (Mrs.) Santosh Mehta

AIM: To evaluate the visual outcomes in patients of pars planitis with age and duration of disease.

Methods: This retrospective study was done from July 2005 through March 2016. All consecutive patients of PP were referred to Uvea service were examined, investigated treated & the relevant details were noted using standard format from the hospital data base & was tested using SPSS 22.

Results: In the cohort of 85 eyes, 52 eyes were of males and 32 of females, age group ranging from 15years to 80 years. Presenting best-corrected visual acuity was Snellen’s 6/24 or worse in 37(43%) of eyes. After treatment and follow up of an average of 3 months the BCVA of 6/24 OR more in 73.5 %( p value<0.000) of cases. BCVA did not improve more than 6/24 in 30.7 %. The final visual outcome was significant for age (p value<0.031). HD-OCT showed the CMT of 292 micron which was significant.

Conclusions: There was significant improvement in visual outcome after treatment but it is related to age.

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