FP309 : Rare Case of Bilateral Syphilitic Retinochoroiditis in this Non Syphilitic Era

Dr. Gitanjali Mohapatra, Dr. Santosh Mahapatra

Syphilis in absence of HIV is rare, syphilitic retinochoroiditis even rarer. A 44 years old lady who presented with bilateral retinochoroiditis with VA CF 2meters in right eye and HM in left eye. When further investigated came out to be positive for VDRL which was confirmed with TPHA test.

She was negative for HIV. She was treated with Aqueous penicillin G and systemic steroids which showed excellent results with best corrected visual acuity 6/18 in both eyes after two months. The case of syphilitic retinochoroiditis in this non-syphilitic era deserves the presentation.

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