FP333 : An Interesting Case Report of A Patient with Bilateral Exudative Retinal Detachment

Dr. Ajeetha, T18466, Dr. Rathinam Sivakumar R

53 year old gentleman presented to us with complaints of gradual progressive onset of defective vision both eyes for past 6 months with corrected right eye vision of 6/36 and left eye 1/60.

He is a known diabetic and had history of generalised malaise bony pain both the lower limbs .Anterior segment showed RE pseudophakia and LE near mature cataract. Fundus showed RE proliferative diabetic retinopathy changes with exudative retinal detachment with macular serous detachment and LE hazy media. Findings were confirmed with B scan and OCT which revealed BE exudative retinal detachment with serous detachment at the macula.

Blood investigations showed ESR of120mm/hr,urine for Bence Jones proteins- negative,Serum Gamma globulin M band positive.Bone marrow biopsy was confirmatory of multiple myeloma.The patient was started on Chemotherapy.The case is presented to show one of the unusual ocular manifestation of multiple myeloma.

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