FP344 : Rickettsial Retinitis – Monotherapy with Doxycyline Only

Dr. Nisha D. S., N17712, Dr. Namita C. Anagol, Dr. Sneha Thapliyal, Dr. Sri Ganesh

Purpose:Topical & systemic steroids have been proved to control Rickettsial retinitis effectively, but at the cost of side effects.The purpose was to treat rickettsial retinitis with Doxycycline antibiotic alone & avoid steroids

Method: A 6month retrospective study included Patients who came with fever 2-4 weeks before the onset of blurring of vision & positive Weil Felix Reaction. Most of them were from rural areas,1 had visited forest area . On Weil Felix reaction,2 had Indian tick typhus,2 Epidemic typhus & 1 Scrub typhus.All were treated only with systemic doxycycline 100mg BD for 1month.Response seen by 7days.Topical steroids given to 2 patients for Granulomatous anterior uveitis

Conclusion: Systemic steroids are used to treat a wide range of ocular inflammation but with potential side effects. All patients recovered with Doxycycline alone and had good vision except 1 who had very poor vision on presentation due to foveal scar.Patients followed up with photographic documentation.

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