FP458 : Conventional versus Occlusion-video exercise Combination Therapy in Isometropic Meridional Amblyopia

Dr. Sanitha Sathyan (S12939)

AIM:To compare conventional therapy (refractive correction alone) with combination therapy (refractive correction-alternate occlusion-home based video exercises) in bilateral isometropic meridional amblyopia (BIMA).

MATERIALS AND METHODS: Randomized control trial, 40 children, 6-12 years with BIMA underwent BCVA (logMAR chart), contrast sensitivity-CS (Pelli–Robson chart), near stereoacuity- NSA (TNO chart) recordings. After the refractive adaptation period (12-36 weeks), they were randomized: group 1: refractive correction alone (RCA), group: 2: refractive correction-alternate occlusion-home based video exercises (RAH) for 36 weeks. Initial BCVA, CS and NSA were compared with those at 1 year and between the groups.

RESULTS: There was significant improvement in NSA between the groups (p=0.01), no significant improvement in BCVA (P=0.45) or CS (p=0.23). CONCLUSIONS: Combination therapy resulted in better gain of stereoacuity than conventional therapy. There is no diffrence in BCVA/ CS.

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