FP505 : Vision Centres (VC) as a means to reduce Corneal Blindness

Komal Mehta , M14940

Corneal blindness affects younger population, has high Disability Adjusted Life Years and can be reduced by appropriate treatment. This retrospective study analyzes the dynamics of patients with corneal disorders presenting to a technician manned VC in rural setting from 2007 to 2014. Steady increase in the number of patients was seen in this period. Each patient teleconsulted with an ophthalmologist at base hospital. 66.24% of total corneal cases were treated at VC thus reducing patient’s travelling stress and financial burden. Of those that were referred 87.65% consulted at the base hospital within 2 days. Comparing diagnostic accuracy of VC technicians to specialists at tertiary care, found that diagnosis at the VC was correct 80% of the times. All patients referred as corneal ulcers eventually healed .Thus VCs are effective in rural areas for treating basic corneal pathologies and for providing prompt referrals thus reducing preventable corneal blindness.

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