FP924 : Importance of Central Corneal Thickness Measurement in Patients of Glaucoma & Glaucoma Suspect in Regular Practice

Dr. Swaraj Bhattacharya, B05411

Aim- Categorization of role of central corneal thickness in patients of Glaucoma &Glaucoma suspect in regular practice .

Methods -A retrospective study was performed on 102 consecutive patients . Mean ultrasound pachymetry, measurements of central corneal thickness and corresponding Goldmannapplanation tonometry measurements were obtained.

Intraocular pressures (IOPs) were corrected using linear algorithms
Group A – Cases where IOP adjustment less then or equal to 1.5 mm Hg .
Group B – were cases where an IOP adjustment of 1.5 mm Hg or greater
Group C -were cases as an IOP adjustment of 3.0 mm Hg or greater.
Initiation ,Changes or stoppage of medication eye drops and addition or cancellation of laser therapy or surgery were then noted for those individuals with changes in corrected IOP
Blood sugar estimation & presence or absence of diabetes was noted in all patients
Standard protocol was maintained for catagorising case as Occularhypertension , POAG & NTG
Results Using the li

FP1184 : Ocular Surface Disorder in Patients on Glaucoma Therapy
FP535 : Clinical Audit of Glaucoma Surgery

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