Dr. Krishna Prasad R [K06434] – Hubli

One Child goes blind every minute in India. The ever-increasing burden of Childhood Blindness has staggering socio-economic impact on our Society and it’s time to realise its importance. This Instruction Course by the key opinion Leaders in the field of Community Pediatric Ophthalmology highlights the core problems and strategies for alleviation of Childhood Blindness in our Country. The present magnitude of the problem along with the mismatch of Resource allocation will be discussed. The failure of present measures to detect blind children in Anganawadies and Schools and the effective integration of various stakeholders for the common goal of Eradication of Childhood Blindness will be presented. The modern Epidemic of ROP and the role of
NGOs and INGOs in line with the mandate of VISION 2020 will be elucidated.

1 Chidhood Blindness Menace- Magnitude and the Mismatch (10 mins) Dr. Deepti P
2 Challenges in Anganawadi Screening and Solutions (10 mins) Dr. Sil Asim Kumar
3 Blindness hidden in Schools- Are we doing enough ? (10 mins) Dr. Parikshit Gogate
4 Role of various Stakeholders for effective Implementation (10 mins) Dr. Krishna Prasad R
5 The ROP Challenge – Strategies for prompt detection and Management (10 mins) Dr. Anand Vinekar
6 Role of NGOs and INGOs in tackling Childhood Blindness (10 mins) Dr. Rahul Ali
Panel Discussion : (15 mins.)

Session Video

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