Dr. Swati Phuljhele [P10477] – New Delhi

Neuro-Ophthalmological condition more often than not are manifestations of systemic disease, however they are also the most misdiagnosed disorders because of their common and confounding clinical presentations. The session is designed as a case based interaction with audience, where cases with similar manifestations would be presented without revealing the diagnosis and audience would be encouraged to come up with differential diagnosis. The panel would then discuss an algorithmic approach for differentiation of common clinical presentations and how it helps in formulating management strategy. Upon the completion of the course the participants should be able to 1) diagnose the common clinical entities 2) to differentiate between various similar presenting disorders 3) effectively use the relevant investigation in diagnosis 4) manage various neuro-ophthalmic diseases.

1 Unilateral disc oedema: Oh so typical! (8 mins) Dr. Reena Sharma
2 Disc oedema: why it’s not typical!: (8 mins) Dr. Ankur Sinha
3 Disc oedema: Typical or Atypical or Neither! (8 mins) Dr. Digvijay Singh
4 Swollen Disc: but no disc oedema! (8 mins) Dr. Swati Phuljhele
5 Bilateral Disc oedema – Differentials! (8 mins) Dr. Rohit Saxena
6 Swollen disc: Is it really swollen! (8 mins) Dr. Rashmin Gandhi
7 Binocular Diplopia: relevant investigations (8 mins) Dr. Pradeep Sharma
8 Adie’s, areexia and more (8 mins) Dr. Swati Phuljhele
Panel Discussion : (15 mins.)

Session Video


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