Dr. Sima Das [D10596] – New Delhi

Benign and malignant tumors can involve any part of the eye starting from the eyelids till the orbital bones. The clinical presentation of ocular tumors are often highly variable and can masquerade as other non neoplastic infective or inammatory ocular pathologies which can delay the diagnosis and management. A team of
practicing ocular oncologists will combine short cases scenarios, images,videos and short lecture to highlight the varied clinical presentations, diagnostic features and current management outline of the common ocular tumors which are important for a comprehensive ophthalmologist. Audience participations will be encouraged
by having case presentations of representative tumors. At the end of the course the attendees will be able to recognize common ocular tumors and understand when to suspect neoplastic ocular etiology when patientpresents at general ophthalmology practice.

1 Eyelid tumors: know the warning signs (15 mins) Dr. Savari Desai
2 Ocular surface tumors: the great masquerade (15 mins) Dr. Vikas Menon
3 Atypical presentation of orbital tumors:when to suspect a malignancy (15 mins) Dr. Sima Das
4 Intraocular Tumors : Recognize and Treat ( 15 mins ) Dr. Bhaduri Anirban
Panel Discussion : (15 mins.)

session video

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