Presbyopia Concord – Using Phakic Lens & Panfocal Lens

Chairman : Dr. Keiki Mehta

Moderator : Dr. Himanshu Matalia

Panelists : Dr. J S Thind , Dr. G Ramesh, Dr. Anjum Mazhari, Dr. Piyush Kapoor

1 IPCL – Implantation Procedure and Outcomes Dr. D Ramamurthy
2 My First hand Experience with Bio Engineered Cornea from
Care Group – LinkoCare
 Dr. Namrata Sharma
3 My Experience with IPCL and how to Achieve Optimum Outcomes Dr. Himanshu Matalia
4 Presbyopia – The holy Grail  Dr. Kamal Kapur
Innovation in Glaucoma
Beyond IOP in Glaucoma : Role of Ocular Blood Flow in Diagnosis and Management

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