VT145-New design of posterior chamber intraocular lens with capsule fixation

Dr.Sheetal Brar, Dr.Sri Ganesh

The new IOL design is a single piece, hydrophilic IOL with two extra PMMA haptics at 3 and 9 o’clock positions, which can swivel over a pivot. After injecting the IOL in the bag, the swivel haptics are rotated into the horizontal position over the anterior capsule to ensure fixation in the capsulotomy.15 eyes of 15 patients either with conventional phacoemulsification or femtolaser cataract surgery were implanted with this new IOL.All surgeries were uneventful. Minimum follow-up was 3 months.Anterior chamber depth showed no significant change at 1week and 3m follow-ups.All eyes showed stable position of the lens and swivel haptics.No decentration/Tilt/Rotation was seen.Potential advantages -Simple design,standard injector through 2.8 mm incision,no special instruments or surgical training,Femto or manual Phaco,easy removal of OVD from capsular bag,stable fixation &effective lens position for better postop refraction,good centration, No/minimal dysphotopsia

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