VT186 – Managing paediatric ocular trauma according to ocular zones of injuries

Dr.Narayan S Alane, Dr.Shreya Shah, Dr.Vipin Kumar Singh, Dr.ANKITA MULCHANDANI

Aim: To display strategies for management of paediatric ocular trauma cases depending on zones of injury.

Method: The paediatric ocular trauma cases (age <18yrs) were assessed comprehensively and classified depending on the ocular zones of injury involved based on BETTS (zone1-cornea & limbus, zone2- sclera 5mm posterior to limbus and zone3-sclera posterior to zone2). We would like to present various techniques according to zones of injury with special reference to zone1, we will demonstrate suture material, techniques of exposure. The suturing techniques for zone 1, zone 2 and zone 3 injury has been demonstrated in the first setting. The involvement of trauma to lens, retina and other tissues were managed in the subsequent settings.

Conclusion: As the ocular zones of injury are very important factors for prognosis, if we have predefined strategies and techniques according to ocular zone of injury it will be very helpful to manage the ocular trauma cases in step wise and correct manner

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