VT198 – Unimanual Versus Bimanual Surgery: Tips and tricks in Management of Complex Diabetic Vitrectomy

Dr.Giridhar Anantharaman, Dr.Mahesh G

Principles of surgical management of challenging diabetic vitrectomy incorporates complete removal of the vitreous gel, posterior hyaloid & fibrovascular proliferation to release antero-posterior and tangential forces from the retina. Surgical removal of fibrovascular membrane complex can be addressed by segmentation, delamination, en-bloc dissection or a combination of these techniques. This video will demonstrate surgical techniques in advanced PDR with TRD and combined retinal detachments using a combination of unimanual and bimanual procedure with the 25G vitrectomy system and self-retaining 25G chandelier endoillumination. The multifunctional use of 25G cutter combined with need for bimanual technique in specific situations will be demonstrated. Management of intraoperative complications will be highlighted. Our video will exhibit & validate bimanual surgery as safe, effective and efficient modality for performing complicated surgical manoeuvres in demanding diabetic vitrectomy.

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