VT2 : Extraocular Needle Guided Haptic Insertion Technique of SFIOL (X-NIT)”.

Dr.Prabu Baskaran, Dr.Seema Ramakrishnan, Dr.Rengaraj Venkatesh

Sutureless SFIOL has emerged as the most widely practised method of managing aphakia without adequate capsular support. Various techniques have been described to ensure a stable haptic fixation once the haptic is exteriorized. However, the most challenging step in the whole procedure is the exteriorization of the haptics. The conventional way of handing over the haptic from one forceps to another intraocularly has potential for complications such as haptic slippage, risk of IOL drop, globe collapse and deformation of the haptic as it exits the wound. We describe a novel, simple and essentially extraocular technique of exteriorising the haptics using two bent 26 gauge needles through the sclera into the eye and then out through a sclerocorneal wound to thread the IOL haptics into the needles and exteriorize them sequentially. X-NIT is a safe, easy, cost-effective and highly reproducible technique of haptic exteriorization. We recommend this technique even for novice SFIOL surgeons.

VT296-Double tooth phaco chopper and new lateral separation chopping technique.

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