VT257 – Perfecting outcomes in DMEK

Dr.Jagadeesh Kumar Reddy K, DR.RUSHITA R KAMDAR, Dr.Neeraj Shah, Dr.K S SIDDHARTHAN, Dr.Vineet Joshi

This video describes a simplified technique of DMEK with the use of our ingenious injector and ‘S’ marking system. Our purpose is to encourage more corneal surgeons to adopt a gratifying procedure like DMEK. It also dwells upon common difficulties encountered and precautions to avoid them. The technique involves making a ‘S’ mark on the DM side with a marker using a 3 mm paracentral punch. The ‘S’ mark helps identifying the correct orientation and in attachment of the graft, even in hazy corneas. The DM scroll is aspirated into our prototype injector made by joining a 1cc syringe to an IOL cartridge with 1.5cm phaco tubing. These steps help decrease surgical time and consequently endothelial cell loss. DMEK achieves early visual rehabilitation, lesser hyperopic shift and better anatomical restoration than DSEK. Although it is believed to have a steep learning curve, a well prepared anticipatory approach can work wonders in the hands of all corneal surgeons.

VT258 - Ring in the future !

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