VT26-Terminal Chop: New Technique for Full Thickness Nuclear Segmentation in Hard Mature Cataracts

Dr.Rajendra Prasad

Proper nuclear segmentation shapes the further steps of phaco.cataract surgery. Full thickness division of nucleus becomes more challenging in hard mature cataract. Several techniques have been defined and compared for chopping nucleus in hard mature cataract, but still many surgeons report difficulty with full thickness division of hard leathery nucleus. We aim to describe a new surgical technique to achieve full thickness nuclear division in hard mature cataract. Without penetrating deep into the centre of the nucleus, terminal chop technique ensures a complete nuclear segmentation including the posterior plate in first attempt. The mechanics utilized in this technique is highly efficient and safe unfolding a whole new dimension in the history of phaco cataract surgery. Terminal chop has several advantages over the other techniques currently used to ensure less endothelial cell loss and less postoperative inflammation leading to a faster recovery and maximal visual rehabilitation.

VT6-Rescue PDEK.,in an iatrogenic distress

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