VT31 – “Extreme inversion”- inverted ILM flap in detached retina with macular holes.


Dr.Vishal Agrawal, Prof.Dr.Kamlesh Khilnani

Purpose-To demonstrate the technique of inverting the ILM in detached retina with macular holes & its role in better closure rates.

Methods-9 eyes with retinal detachment(RD) associated with macular holes were operated between July 2014 and September 2015.The aetiology primarily included high myopia & trauma.After completion of vitrectomy,the area around macular hole is stained with BBG dye.PFCL is injected to flatten the posterior pole.Under high magnification ILM is inverted over the hole either using few broad flaps or multiple radial flaps.Fluid air exchange is performed ,slowly aspirating the PFCL taking care not to disturb the flap. Results-All 9 eyes achieved type 1 closure at final follow up.

Conclusions-ILM peeling for macular holes associated with RD often result in sub optimal outcomes & non closure.This video showcases a different technique of inverting the ILM in detached retina which results in increased anatomical closure rates & improved functional outcomes also.

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