VT6 : Terminator: Chopper Use in Terminal Chop Technique for Nuclear Segmentation in Mature Hard Cataract”.

Dr.Rajendra Prasad, Dr.ANURAG BADHANI

The chopper plays an important role in nuclear segmentation along with the phaco probe. Many variations of choppers have been developed and classified. We aim to demonstrate a new and specially designed chopper “Terminator” used in Terminal Chop a well acclaimed recently introduced technique for complete nuclear segmentation in hard mature cataract. Terminator is designed for safe efficient and easy maneuvering of the nucleus in the aforementioned technique.

The mode of action of terminator is similar to drag tool, generating stress at the sides of initial groove in the direction of equator on the other side, parallel to the nuclear surface to create tensile fracture with least crushing least manipulation and minimal use of phaco forces. Mechanics of nuclear segmentation in Terminal chop is highly efficient, simple, swift, safe and 100% effective with least manipulation, least phaco forces and minimal use of phaco energy, resulting in exceedingly satisfactory postoperative results.

VT296-Double tooth phaco chopper and new lateral separation chopping technique.

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