VT84 – Challenges posed by Non Magnetic Intraocular foreign Bodies and some lessons learned the hard way

Dr.Biju John C

Open globe injuries with retained intraocular foreign body always throws a challenge at the ophthalmologist due to the varied nature of presentations , ocular co morbidities associated with it, difficulties in their retrieval etc. Things get more difficult when the foreign bodies are non magnetic and sometimes even not graspable with the available forceps .The surgeon may need to innovate and think on his feet to tackle the set of unique combination of scenarios that he will be getting and to which there may not be any previous descriptions. Many a time looking back we would have liked to tackle the situation differently. This is a collection of a few such unique cases of open globe injuries with retained intraocular foreign bodies which didn’t go the way it was planned. The author learned a lot from these experiences and would like to give that opportunity to the audience also so that it would benefit them when faced with similar situations.

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