archEYEve - February 2019 - Vol 10 - Cataract - Part 2

All India Ophthalmological Society Editor - Proceedings

Dear Colleagues

Hope you enjoyed part 1 of the AIOC 2018 instruction courses on cataract.

This is the Part-2. Hope you find this edition useful.

Looking forward to seeing you in Indore

IC235 - SICS for better management of Astigmatism

IC473 - Understanding phaco fluidics - choosing your machines and settings

IC004 - Tackling Posterior Capsule Rupture and IOL Implantation: A Video Based Course

IC141 - My Most Challenging Case This Year

IC252 - Dioptric Decisions - Fundamentals of IOL power calculations

IC022 - Open Sesame - Dealing With the Small Pupil

IC164 - Which IOL, for which Patient, and When??

IC269 - Customising every step of SICS to produce phaco-like outcome

IC027 - Target Emmetropia - Refractive Cataract Surgery

IC175 - What to do now? A video & case based course

IC311 - Converting from Manual SICS To Phaco: Step-by-Step

IC034 - Phacoemulsification in challenging situations

IC195 - Intraoperative Emergencies in Cataract Surgery

IC340 - Making sense of the ophthalmic jargon in modern cataract surgery