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Chairman          : Dr. Ajit Babu Majji
Co-Chairman   : Dr. K.S. Santhan Gopal
Convenor          : Dr. S. Natarajan
Moderator        : Dr. Jay Chhablani

1 30 years of Academic Innovation:
When They Started & Where They Are Now? (15 mins)
Dr. Eugene De Juan
2 Ophthalmic Advances We Will See in the Next 10 Years (15 mins) Dr. Eugene De Juan

Introduction of Dr. Gerard Lutty : Dr. S. Natarajan

1 Development of the Vasculatures of the Human Eye (15 mins) Dr. Gerard Lutty
2 Death of Choriocapillaris in a Pro-Inflammatory Milieu (15 mins) Dr. Gerard Lutty

Guest Lecture by Dr. DAVID ANDREWS : The Evolving Standards for Eye Care in Australia
and New Zealand (15 mins)