VT202 – Cataract surgery in complex corneas following kerato-refractive procedures

Dr.Luci Kaweri, Dr.Aarti Agrawal, Dr.Mathew Kurian, Dr.Rohit Shetty

Purpose: To highlight the importance of pre-operative evaluation, treatment planning and its intra-operative application in achieving a predictable postoperative outcome in a complex cornea post kerato-refractive correction

Methods: Pre-operative evaluation included topography with Pentacam HR, corneal biomechanics using Corvis ST and optical biometry. Postoperative visual acuity and visual quality metrics were evaluated to assess outcomes following uncomplicated phacoemulsification with intraocular lens implantation

Results: Customized management strategy with careful intraoperative surgical technique and uncomplicated in the bag IOL implantation resulted in good visual recovery

Conclusion: This video aims to highlight the challenges associated with the preoperative workup like IOL power selection, the intraoperative difficulties while placing the incisions in such biomechanically weak corneas and the post-operative management in such complex corneas

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